From the Principal’s Desk

Dear Students,
Education is the most important single factor to achieve tremendous economical development and rapid technology progress for a populace country like India. The concept of welfare state and socialistic society has also become instrumental to increase of administrative powers in our country. It is for this reason that the attainment of social, economic and political justice, along with the liberty and equality of its citizen is enshrined in the preamble as the objectives of the constitution. The Law in democratic polity has been treated as a tool of Social Engineering. Law and education both are outstanding systems of social control and change in developing society. In practice though Influence or impact of law is too deep, it is hardly discernable by superficial eye. The Constitution of India has made various provisions to regulate the functions of education such as compulsory education, education facilities for minorities, use of languages, prohibition of discrimination, de-limitation of educational jurisdiction between Center & States. Administrative law is an ever expanding subject in developing society.
G P LAW COLLEGE offers an excellent teacher - taught relationship with well equipped Moot Court Room and legal aids programs. The line experience of Moot Court Skills provides tremendous boosts and inspiration to the students of law. Professional legal counseling of the students is regularly done so that they become competent legal professionals. The legal study programmes are specially designed keeping in view the emerging requirements of the corporate world..

Dr. Ganesh Prasad Law College